dinsdag 27 november 2012

I'm a very messy scrapper!

Just showing you what my desk looks like!

It's disgraceful not? but promise I will clean after I'm finished with my project.....and then I make a new mess!!! :)

donderdag 8 november 2012

I'm Back!!!

  Yes I'm back!

Summer is over and I'm in a scrapmood!
And there will be a change on my blog,  being that it's going to be only in English.
I'm sorry for my Dutch followers but this will make life a lot easier for me (and most of the Dutch can read English very well)

My summer has been a blast!
I've travelled to the beautiful island of Malta and made a bunch of pictures (over a 1000!!!)
so I will be doing something with those.

A new scrapweekend is just around the corner (next weekend) and last weekend I've been spending lots of money on the best hobby-fair in the Netherlands (the "Kreadoe").
so my creative blood is flowing and I just want to scrap and create stuff!

I'm making a Halloweenie kind of album on the moment....but it's not quite finished so you have to do it with a sneek peek!

see you all!
and you lnow I love comments! :)